28 June 2012

Co-sleeping for yiddish policemen

I recently read the Yiddish Policeman's Union, and once in a while I am reminded of something from the book. Tonight we watched Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe and Gaffigan's description of his children's nighttime visit to his marital bed had me chortling. After laughing for a while I was able to search for and find the reference:
"The Shemets boys set up a whistling and rumbling and a blatting of inner valves that would shame the grand pipe organ of Temple Emanu-el ... They chop at Landsman, stab him with their toes, grunt and mutter. They masticate the fiber of their dreams. Around dawn, something very bad happens in the baby's diaper. It's the worst night that Landsman has ever spent on a mattress, and that is saying a good deal."
That sounds about right. I wholeheartedly recommend both the book and the comedy special.