18 September 2009

I just received An A-Z of Possible Worlds by A. C. Tillyer

A. C. Tillyer's An A-Z of Possible Worlds enchanted me at first impression with the details of its formation. The author found herself fabricating backgrounds and destinations for fellow-travelers on trains when stuck waiting at a station. Trains similarly enchanted me as a child and I remember passing long trips the same way; would that I had thought to write these stories first, perhaps the author would then be writing a blog post about my stories.

Be that as it may, I was pretty excited when the package came from overseas and tore into it on Friday. The booklets are cleverly packaged and begging to be let free from the package, but I'm holding off until I can properly photograph the unboxing. I've already had to chase my boys away from it twice because they are fascinated with the idea of an alphabet series that is Not For Them.

Immediately I recognized an opportunity for a solid Autumn read of the sort that Carl has been championing with his Readers Imbibing Peril challenge. So while I wasn't planning to, I find myself taking part in the challenge:
I'm anticipating a reading experience that will be somewhat of a cross between reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and a not-suitable-for-children version of On Beyond Zebra.

Here's a tease to keep you entertained while you wait for my review: