10 June 2009

A Parody of Writer's Almanac, by request

Today, it's the birthday of Masashi Tanaka, well known for his manga series. Tanaka created a series of manga relating to the eponymous character Gon. His manga series is unique in literature featured on the Writer's Almanac in that the text contains absolutely no words, not even onomatopoetic ones usually to be expected in such literature. The Writer's Almanac editors are grateful for the opportunity to trot out SAT-prep-course vocabulary such as onomanatopoetic, All Things Considered. But, being stubborn sorts bred from the descendants of those Scandanavians who didn't go viking in the middle ages, and used to setbacks from long years of Minnesota winters and false springs, we won't let a trifle such as lack of words hold us back from reviewing one of the most important examples of this sort of literature on the Writer's Almanac. His works include: Gon, Gon on Safari, Gon Swimming, Gon Underground and Gon Wild! The artist has declined to respond to requests concerning anticipated publication of Lake WobeGON.

In 1988, the manga received an "Excellent Prize", narrowly edging out other contenders who had to settle for the "Pretty Good Prize" and the "Something I'd Read After I Finished the Back of the Kleenex Box Prize".

Be average, do some work, and keep your hands where I can see them.

Thanks for the suggestion @ToriFan247.