20 March 2009

Southern Culture Trivia

Yellow Dogs, Hushpuppies, and Bluetick Hounds by Lisa Howorth with Jennifer Bryant

I relocated to Indiana from the Chicago suburbs 4 years ago. I hear most Hoosiers don't consider Indiana a Southern state, but I think that's just because they compare themselves to the folks from Kentucky and Missouri. From a Northerner's perspective, there's definitely a Southern flavor to the culture here and sometimes I find I have to shift my frame of reference to understand my neighbors.

I saw the Yellow Dogs book and thought it might be a fun way to pass time in a car ride. Checking through it quickly, I found 54 pages of questions, and 71 pages of answers. Should I conclude that examining Southern culture produces more answers than questions?

Here's a few samples of the Q & A:
"Americana, Brazil is home to what group?"
"Descendants of some two thousand Confederate emigrants who went to Brazil after the civil war..."
Why Brazil?
"What nasty critter... is still being used today by reconstructive surgeons?"
"Leeches... Biopharm, a company based in Charleston, SC, is the largest breeder of leeches used for this purpose."
Is there another, larger breeder of leeches... for another purpose?


xf said...

As a Hoosier in Chicago, I noticed a characteristic tendency among Chicagoans to view Indiana as foreign and strange, and Hoosiers as primitive foreigners.

This is not to say they are Southern. Here in north Alabama, where there are monuments on courthouse lawns commemorating sackings and burnings by Indiana infantry regiments, I'm what is known as a "good Yankee", largely because I'm married into a local family.

It's true, Indiana is different from the rest of the North, but that's not to say it's Southern.
Kentucky doesn't want Hoosiers any more than Chicago does.