15 January 2009

Twittering Authors

I'm a twitter fan because successful twittering requires you to be concise and interesting, and I hope that practicing these traits through tweeting will improve my writing and my improv. There is a group of people who figured out long ago that your value-per-content ratio had better be pretty high in order to be successful: published authors. How neat it is to see a few of these authors twittering.

Felicia Day, an avid twitterer herself, compiled a Twitter Author List - what a great public service as these authors can be hard to find for oneself. Also this serves as an excellent case study of the power of twitter; in order to create her list, she reached out to her substantial twitter network to find out the twitter addresses of these authors. Together we know all that is known; twitter helps make that accessible.

My recommendations to follow are:

Someone let me know if George R R Martin starts twittering updates about A Dance With Dragons, ok?

Photo credit digitalbear.


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