22 November 2008

Bionicle Taxonomy

Elliot recently finished the Bionicle Encyclopedia by Greg Farshtey

What are the books about?
It gives the details of the bionicles and I really like it.

So there's different kinds of bionicles in the book?
Yes. There are piraka, visorak, inika and dark hunters

Who's your favorite bionicle in the book?
My favorite bionicle - I have lots of favorites - is Makuta and Karzahni. I don't have just one favorite. Makuta almost died creating Karzahni.

What was the most exciting part of the book?
You can see the bionicle pictures and look up information about the bionicles.

Are bionicles violent?
What do you think? They don't really fight each other. The bionicles can do tricky things together and building them is fun

Do you do play often with bionicles?
Yes. They are my top toy to play with. I hope to get some for Christmas

What's the next bionicle that you want?
LEGO Bionicle Takanuva. Because he's the Toa of light and has defeated the makuta twice.


K said...

Hi Eva - thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment. Unfortunately, that photo is not my own - alas. I found it here on flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/bazphotog/2235633367/

K said...

eva, sorry to hear about your bad experience in madrid :/ that could definitely put a damper on the trip.

i actually wasn't a huge fan of barcelona - it was too busy, too big, and reminded me too much of nyc when all i wanted was more traditional spanish/european culture. probably a cool city to live in, but i wasn't the hugest fan as a tourist. and my friend and i witnessed a kind of shady mugging/purse slashing incident on our last day which made us want to get out of there asap.