25 June 2008

Teckle, Teckle, SQUIRREL!

We've got a new foster pup! Her name is Sophie, she is an adult Dachshund mix. She is heartworm positive, but money was just donated for medicine so she will soon begin treatment and then be us while she recovers. "She's" blogging on Indypaws so check there for future updates. I am expecting her to be pretty pitiful during her recovery:

"After treatment, the dog must rest (restricted exercise) for several weeks so as to give its body sufficient time to absorb the dead worms without ill effect. Otherwise, when the dog is under exertion, dead worms may break loose and travel to the lungs, potentially causing respiratory failure and death." Wikipedia.org
My understanding is that the treatment is for a dog much like chemotherapy is for a human. But once she's through, she'll be ready for life with a family of her own. After this expensive treatment (about $1000 by some accounts), she will be in pain and crate-confined except for yard trips; all of which was preventable with a 10¢ per day medication. For more info, see the Heartworm Society's website.

She hasn't started treatment yet, so I'm seeing more of her usual personality than will be evident while she's treated. Sophie is a mellow girl, gets along with other dogs and kids. She loves to lay outside on the deck and watch the yard. Unlike her canine housemates, she doesn't bark at squirrels, the neighbor's dogs, or figments of imagination. She does howl with the occasional siren though, as many dogs will do. She is so very happy to get even a bit of attention, and makes an unexpectedly loud 'THUMP' when she hits the floor with her tail. Instead of chewing on toys, she likes to carry them around and then lie on top of them. She tolerates baths, nail trimming, and ear cleaning with quiet dignity. She is also an enthusiastic sleeper who likes to be early to bed, and late to rise. Her coat is a wirey, dilute black-and tan (mostly tan) and doesn't shed much.

She also has the most amusing Datsun-style lope out in the yard - she moves around, bippety-boppity, resembling one of those pull-behind toys for toddlers, where the head dips up and down as she goes. I'm trying to get her listed with some dachshund breed rescue groups too. Wish us luck!

Sophie was sheltered at Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, and is listed for adoption on Petfinder.