01 April 2008

I want my $3 back.

I still hate daylight saving time. Although I'm finally starting to adjust, now I can see daylight creeping later and later past my kid's bedtimes. Pretty soon it will be light as late as 10 pm. Grr.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, a new study calculates that Hoosier Households are spending $3 more on energy per year Study: Daylight saving boosts energy use - USATODAY.com. Too bad there is no money back guarantee if satisfaction wasn't assured with the time change -I'd be up at the statehouse asking for my $3 back so I could go get a Latte.

For more info about daylight saving time, check out my previous post I hate daylight savings time, where I reviewed an excellent book on the topic by David Prerau.

Sigh. It seems as though daylight saving time is as phony as... well, a $3 bill.