07 January 2008

A storm of waiting

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons for most of 2007, and to assuage my waiting time I opted to re-read the series up to this point. No news yet on when the book will be ready. Sigh. Although there are some wonderful sample chapters available on his site for Danny, Jon and Tyrion.

As part of this re-read, I've been investigating more deeply some lingering plot threads that were nagging me. Who is the Knight of the laughing tree? Who was Jon's mother? How are dragons trained? These questions led me to a vital and engaging community of readers who dialog about the stories and many other unrelated topics. To pursue your questions on this topic, check out a few blogs and wikis I've found:

Most reviews of this book focus on its epic length and long list of characters. All true. If you're looking for a quick set of entertainment, move along. If you like the Chronicles in Amber, Dune, or other dynastic-lengthy series, you'll probably like this. Did I say probably? I meant "surely." Or else you're a grumpkin.