19 August 2007

Wonders never cease: a great movie

I saw the movie Stardust this weekend, based on Carl's recommendation from his blog, Stainless Steel Droppings. What a great movie and escape from the world for a few hours. The casting - Michelle Pfeffer (in a role reminiscent, to me, somehow, of Lady Hawk), Robert DeNiro as a ship's captain and closet effeminate - and the supporting roles are marvelously done.

More info:

  • Neil Gaiman's site info on Stardust
    Wikipedia says...
    And some truth from Gaiman: "Adults deserve good fairy tales, too"

    I recommend this movie, and now I'm on a quest to get the book. :) I can't recall ever having seen a movie before reading the associated book, and I'm curious as to how this will turn out.

    Booklogged said...

    Eva, I saw Stardust last night and loved it. I thought it was one of the better book to movie transitions I've seen. I'm sure that if you liked the movie you will also like the book. Gaiman is good.

    Carl V. Anderson said...

    So glad you enjoyed the movie. The books is wonderful and I look forward to your thoughts on it after you have a chance to read it. Unfortunately very few of us are taking the opportunity to see this wonderful movie and it is really a shame.

    Ejly said...

    Just ordered the Stardust DVD as a Christmas present to share with my kids. I'm posting this so that the kids can realize that they could have easily found out what they were getting for Christmas if only they had Googled it. Love you, boys.