13 September 2007


Kushiel's Justice
by Jacqueline Carey is a book for a reader who isn't afraid to be challenged by the author. Carey has constructed a rich alternative history/fantasy book with a pantheon based on the traditional Judeo-Christian theology. If that isn't enough for you, various characters have unusual predilictions - and not just the bad guys either.

I found the book's concepts intriguing - is there a recursive problem in having a son of the son of god? - and the characterizations deft and engaging. I loved the heroine Ph├Ędre in the initial 3 books of the series, and her infrequent presence in these 3 books has been too little a view of her adventures. Imriel is developing nicely as a hero with a conflicted background: son of traitors, adopted by the heroes of the realm and rescued from abuse and certain death. He overcomes these epic beginnings with a cynical yet hopeful outlook, trying to find out for himself who he is whilst all around him roles are offered to him. Overall, I'd recommend the book but be warned about the content for certain sections.