29 July 2007

Z is for Zorro

I loved tales of Zorro as a child and admit that even today I'm interested in this American Robin Hood story. Zorro by Isabelle Allende does a wonderful updating of the story, injecting much more intrigue and gadgetry than I recall from earlier versions. Featured on NPR recently in Zorro comes to life, the story led me to look further into the story than I had before. Was Zorro a real person? No, but there were some people who may have inspired the original author and creator, Johnston McCulley.

For those who know me and ask, I have to mention that if you want a good fencing scene in the movies, I'd look beyond Zorro movies (which are not bad) to The Princess Bride, which has some excellent fencing scenes and better jokes, too.


BookGal said...

Thanks for reminding me about Zorro. It was one of Allende's later books I really liked. If you like her writing, try The Infinite Plan.

Unknown said...

If you liked Isabel Allende's novel, you'll probably enjoy the upcoming TALES OF ZORRO from Moonstone Books, edited by Richard Dean Starr. It's the first-ever anthology of original Zorro short stories ever compiled.