17 December 2006

G.I.F.T Challenge Success

I have to dash off next to update Carl V. at Stainlesssteeldroppings that I have completed the challenge! The challenge from Carl was to pick 4 of 6 of various Christmas memories, and 2 must be new to you, or something you haven't done in a while. Here are my choices:

  • Christmas movie: A Christmas Story, which I've never seen before. I got it from the library Wednesday the 6th and waited until it was way overdue to get time to see it. Duh. Still, it was cheaper than a rental fee, even from netflix which has been hounding me lately to get a subscription. So, I put the moviein, opened a bag of yummy cashews and settled in. Ten minutes later, I was folding laundry, then hanging the Christmas stockings, then cleaning the linen closet... in other words, the movie didn't keep my attention. There were some good scenes, like the ones involving the father - he ws quite a scene stealer. Otherwise, not much to think about. I can't believe I hadn't seen this before now!

  • Christmas short story: O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi, which I am hoping will convey the message that it is better to give than receive, and that a gift from the heart is best of all. I think this is a particularly good message for young children who have only the means at their disposal to make popsicle-stick ornaments. Instead of reading the story to them straight through, as I think some of the narrative segments having to do with setting and character may bypass their esthetic, I've reread it myself and will give them the summary/paraphrase as a nighttime story. I had forgotten what a wonderful wordsmith Henry is, remembering the story only for the surprise ending. But how I relished the phrases such as: "A furnished flat at $8 per week. It did not exactly beggar description, but it certainly had that word on the lookout for the mendicancy squad." Would many modern authors rise to use a word such as mendicancy? I took the time this read to look up the term pier glass also, which I had skimmed over before. Knowing what it is gives a much clearer impression of the James' flat.

  • Christmas traditions: Baking! Snickelfritz (my younger boy) loves baking, and until now I have never made cookies with him. He got the gender-neutral EZ Bake oven (in blue) and a chef's dress up kit from my parents for his birthday and loves baking. Heck, the kid even likes to do dishes.

  • Christmas song: It turns out Doodle (the eldest) has been learning one I sang myself when I was in Catholic school ages back. I refreshed my memory of the words and here they are for you too. I love the beauty of these verses in Latin.

  • Adeste Fidelis

    words by John F. Wade

    Adeste fidelis, laeti triumphantes
    Venite, venite in Bethlehem
    Natum videte, regem angelorum
    Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
    Venite adoremus, dominum.

    Cantet nunc io, chorus angelorum
    Cantet nunc aula caelestium
    Gloria, gloria in excelsis Deo
    Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
    Venite adoremus, dominum.

    Ergo qui natus, die hodierna
    Jesu, tibi sit gloria
    Patris aeterni, verbum caro factus
    Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
    Venite adoremus, dominum.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Sorry Christmas Story didn't keep your attention but glad you finally got to see it. I have been aching to watch it this year but am (in)patiently awaiting the arrival of my family next weekend as watching it is a tradition of ours.

Its been years and years since I've read O Henry but he is a fantastic wordsmith.

Adeste Fidelis is wonderful, especially as sung by Bing Crosby. So great!

Karen said...

Ahhhhh... Snickelfritz... that's what my Dad calls me. :-) He and my mom grew up in Germany.

Some of my students just read The Gift of the Magi at school. It's one of my favorites.