28 November 2006

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I have been reading and very much enjoying Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier. Unfortunately, I have to return the book to the library now although I'm not done! I find library fines morally inexcusable on my part, especially when there are 181 other readers waiting on the book. I am finding the narrator very approachable, enigmatic, unusual - one of those types who would catch your eye in a crowded sandwich bar, wink, and inspire you to try and come up with an excuse to share a table with him. But I'll part from the book now, restore it to the library swap system, and see if I can bear to wait to get it back. Then I can get back to Lincoln. (I have no idea why this Lincoln book is such an effort for me, I like it well enough and the prose is flowing well - it is like my own personal Ulysses though, for now.)

I may not be able to wait for my turn to come round again at the library though, so perhaps I'll pick up a copy to gasp own. This is unusual for me; reading wise, I'm a libertine and will put eyes on anything - but when it comes to actually providing a home for a book I am very particular. Thus far though the book offers far greater depths to plumb than did Cold Mountain, and I don't know that I can be patient waiting for it to return.

In other news; we are putting up a tree tonight, which the boys are very keen on. And I am working a lead on a small short term opportunity that could be fun. Wish me luck!