30 October 2006

Staring at the moon

The boys and I listen to audio books at night. I used to do the read-to-them routine, but I'm not a patient reader when I'm tired and also any light on in the room keeps them up and active. Instead, we read in the morning if we have time before school; I use that as an incentive to have them ready on time.

So, I found an audiobook of Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton and based on the jacket blurb was considering getting it for them. They've almost finished The Stories of Br'er Rabbit which is great btw. But considering some of what I've seen recommended for children I thought I'd read the thing 1st.

I enjoyed the quick read, and folks who enjoyed the Harry Potter series or the DaVinci Code genre may as well. However, many of the side characters are derivative from other master works. The mother and father appear one-dimensional, aside from some underdeveloped scenes which, upon reflection, leave me wondering how these adults could possibly have accomplished anything at all. On the other hand, if you're going to borrow from past literature, starting with the greats isn't a poor choice.

The main characters - Blake and Duck - are charming and have a well-mixed blend of chutzpah and fragility that make them very likable. Also of great interest to me were the engaging scenes of the siblings developing and testing their relationship.

Will I get the audiobook for my children? I am not sure yet, as the simplified Parent Trap style ending may be difficult for them. At this point, I'm thinking I'll shelf it until they are a bit older.