07 September 2006

They're back! Hooray!

Prisoner of the Ant People by R.A. Montgomery (ISBN 1-933390-10-7)

They're back! I found this gem yesterday at the local library and ooh what a treat! I just loved these books when I was younger. I picked up this one and was flipping through it when, to my pleasant surprise, offspring the elder wandered over to see what had my attention. I read aloud to him for about 10 minutes, and he was hooked. We brought the book home for a visit along with 2 other CYOA books and worked through to one of the endings last night - O the E was particularly tickled by the story ending of flushing the ant leader out the garbage chute of the spaceship. Bravo, R. A. Montgomery! I am not sure what brought this series back ( labeled "classic" ala a Coke) but I applaud the effort. For my game-oriented nascent reader, these look like they may catch his interest. I found a few sites earlier this summer that had similar text-based adventures along these lines. I contributed some to Quest of the Magician, as I appreciated the tongue-in-cheek adventurous sensibility; look for my text in the crabs vs. the leopards storyline.


Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy your blog!

Years ago, I read every one of these Choose Your Own Adventure books I could get my hands on. I'll have to take a look at the edithis site too. The kids and I had started a wiki on our home box doing the same type of thing.

I also came across QML - Quest markup language - at http://www.questml.com/ and had some fun with that for awhile. You might like it.