27 September 2006

Soldiers into farmers

My husband is a dedicated Hoosier and, as such, introduced me to the fabulous Brown County scenery a few years back. Peak leaf peeping season is coming up soon so I expect that a road trip is in order (and check out the cool updated photo from a web cam I found too). Possibly, on the way, I can stop at a favorite destination - Oliver winery! Their riesling is divine.

The soul and wit of Brown County were embodied by author Kin Hubbard, in his writings and comics of Abe Martin. The book I just finished, Abe Martin's Sayings and Wisecracks, Abe's Neighbors, His Almanack, Comic Drawings (ISBN 0-253-21007-0) lacks a concise title but offers a generous sampling of the wisdom Hubbard has to offer via his alter ego, Abe Martin. Two of my favorite quotes from the book:
It's a wise father that knows his own daughter
We kin beat our muskets an' swords int' plowshares, but who's goin't' beat our boys into plowing?
I was surprised and smiling at a few points, reflecting upon how true these pithy dollops of common sense still are. Particularly interesting was the parallel between the opinions Hubbard reflects of the change coming over society by the introduction of the automobile, and how the same sentiments are raised for so many technological advances - phones, television, internet, whatever. Why there should be this link in the minds of certain types of individuals between technology advances and immorality is beyond me. The book wasn't as easy-flowing a read as one would expect from a comic endeavor but it was still entertaining. And definitely something cool to read while taking a break from a trail hike in Brown County.


Anonymous said...

A borrowed this years ago from a coworker, and you are right: the humor holds up because people are no different now than they ever have been.