01 September 2006

and fries with that quad processor?

Macs on the Go! by John Tollett with Robin Williams (ISBN 0-321-24748-5)

I skimmed through this one afternoon looking to advance my understanding of bluetooth networking and how to use hotspots more to my advantage when out and about with my . It answered my questions, but not in an extensible way - for example, I can understand how to set up a 1-day T-Mobile account now but still don't know all the options available. The best tip I took away was to check out JiWire.com for a service that shows you local hotspots - and saves the directory offline to your machine, for obvious reason. The directory then updates itself when connected. I've got their widget now. Recommended for the casual hotspot user, a more advanced user or one who depends upon hotspot access would probably want to know more about hotspots than this book offers - for example, to understand what security precautions should be taken on a wireless enabled laptop.