25 June 2006

A quick read of the infinite

An Infinity of Little Hours by Nancy Klein Maguire
Anthropological guide to the 1080's, June 25, 2006
Very neat work, definitely a story about 4 young men coming of age in context of the religious calling they face - not a religious primer. There is some suspense in it, too, in trying to determine which of the novitiates will become the eventual husband of the author. Reading tip: make a note on your bookmark as to which of the taken names correspond to which of the given names of the brothers, as it is difficult sometimes to tell who is who.

10 June 2006

Mostly Harmless

I'm starting my blog finally and picked up a few library books to help out. One is Publishing a Blog with Blogger by Elizabeth Castro (ISBN 0-321-32123-5). The outline, format and presentation get high marks for clarity and ease of understanding. However, I'd already figured out all of what I needed to know just by poking around with Blogger itself. For a person who needs a lot of comfort before starting on something new, this might be useful. If you would rather learn by doing, give it a shot and skip the reading. Or, if you want to read something by Elizabeth Castro, that would be a great use of time - she's got some great HTML books out.

07 June 2006

Great bathroom reading

This year, I went for the first time to the Indianapolis 500 race on Memorial Day weekend. It was so hot, I think I baked off some brain cells. I had no idea it could get that hot in the midwest unless you were detasseling corn. The crowds were wild, the race was intense, and I got to cheer for an Andretti. My assimilation into Hoosier life has progressed a notch.

As part of my continuing education, I also read Jack Arute's Tales from the Indy 500 (ISBN 1-59670-040-8). While by no means mentally taxing, the book was interesting to me, as new to racing as I am. The narrative style is reminiscent of a particularly worldly 8th grader, and the story-snippets are strung together quilt-like so that any attempt to discern a narrative progression is easily foiled. However, this lent itself well to an extended stay on the tank-top in the smallest room. Arute clearly has a fondness for A.J. Foyt, and I did feel like I understood Foyt a little better after reading some of the vignettes.

Ok. I'm off to refine my racing knowledge now.

05 June 2006


The first love of my life is reading. Nothing compares to it. There are activities I like better, sure, but as for solo pursuits reading is tops. Learning, exploring, expanding the mind - all of these and more have come to me by way of the written word. As a paean to literature, in forms both high and slimy, I start this blog to meander through the world of letters.

evagation - \Ev`a*ga"tion\, n. The act of wandering; excursion; a roving or rambling.